185 Robert St.
Christiansburg, Virginia 24073
Call (336) 317-8029

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- 960 square feet
- 3 bedrooms / 1 bath
- Floors newly refinished
- Vinyl kitchen floor
- New tile floor in bathroom
- All other floors oak hardwood
- Vinyl windows (July '06)
- Washer and dryer (new 2010)
- Walls recently repainted
- Nice storage shed (built 2008)

- Deck in back
- Good neighborhood
- Light traffic
- Top-notch supermarket within
   easy walking distance
- Ice cream shop close by


    The deck is great for cookouts and entertaining your friends.
   There's room for at least three roommates, their desks, and much more.
   The Virginia Tech campus is only about 15 minutes away.


Couples Starting out

    With plenty of room and still modestly priced, this house makes a great starter home!

Retired People

    The nearby supermarket could be a significant advantage.

Small Families

    The empty lot next door could be a great play area.  Part of it has a steep slope;  it has been used for sledding.


    Renters are easy to find.  Advertise online and you will be surprised how many people respond.